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2016 re-release of Dave’s debut record “Shove The Sun Aside”!

Remixed, remastered, 3 new tracks!  CD-quality digital download.

Just $10.00!

Also available!  Instructional videos and Jam Vamps! Choose a bundle below.  Save money with multi-item bundles!

Please note:  Downloads must be done on a non-mobile device (i.e. desktop/laptop).

Access to STSA-X Instructional videos:  Over 3 hours (!) of content where Dave teaches you his favorite parts from each of the 10 songs.  Comes with PDF and Guitar Pro* files for tablature of every note taught!  Please note – this is not a download.  You’re purchasing access to the vids which are hosted here at DaveWeiner.com.  After purchase, you will receive an email containing a link to download the record along with a PDF with access instructions. *You must own Guitar Pro to be able to use the Guitar Pro files.

The Jam Vamps.  Jam Vamps are sections from the songs that were selected to jam over.  Really fun, great for improvisation practice and you don’t have to know the song!  Included PDF explains what you’re playing over and what scale/s to use!

Track listing:

1.  Andonova

2.  Long Run

3.  Monument Shine
4.  The Ghost of Denmark St.
5.  Tourmaline
6.  Shove The Sun Aside
7.  Dave’s Party Piece (from “Live At The Astoria”)
8.  The Clarity In Chaos
9.  For The Ages
10.  Aphelion

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