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Dave’s Garage Sale

Email Dave if interested.

Ships in the US only.  No int’l sales, sorry.
All items ship via FedEx Ground with tracking.
Shipping/Paypal fee extra.
All sales are final.  All items sold as-is.  No warranties, refunds, returns or exchanges.

Click the photos for larger version

2010 MIM Fender Classic ’50s Stratocaster (named “Peggy Sue”):

  • Surf green color
  • Alder body
  • 1-piece maple neck with soft V shape
  • Maple fingerboard
  • Custom Dimarzio-built pickguard (yes, this was assembled by Dimarzio at Dimarzio’s custom shop in NY) with Area ’61 and ’67 pickups (nearly noiseless, sound absolutely fantastic) with aged covers and 1 black cover
  • Vintage-style synchronized tremolo
  • Chrome hardware (bridge was upgraded with Raw Vintage’s saddles)
  • Aged knobs and switch tip

Comes with a used Ibanez gig bag.  The fret ends could use a dressing (the neck wood has dried over the years and the frets stick out a bit from the edge of the fretboard. Easy to fix – http://tinyurl.com/jkgjmad).


New these are $800 (http://tinyurl.com/gqr6cdj) with terrible sounding pickups.  Asking $600 +shipping/Paypal fees (the Dimarzio pickguard alone is $300 – http://tinyurl.com/gqzbjk9)

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2014 Warmoth Stratocaster (with high-end options):

  • Vintage White color
  • Alder body
  • 1-piece maple neck with the “Boatneck” profile.  Big, beefy, tons of resonance and sustain
  • Stainless Steel frets! (6105)
  • 9.5″ radius
  • 21-fret Rosewood fingerboard with clay dot inlays
  • Earvana” GraphTech Tusq XL nut
  • Custom-built, tortoise pickguard.  Assembled in Seymour Duncan’s shop.  Has 2 YJM single coils and 1 mini-humbucker (which sounds just amazing in the bridge position instead of the usual, thin single-coil in most Strats).  Will throw in 2, brand new Dimarzio Area ’67 single-coils as well (a $160 value!).
  • Authentic Fender vintage-style bridge
  • Chrome hardware (vintage-style tuners)
  • Black knobs and switch tip
  • Body has a few paint chips (paint is super thin which is a good thing!  Let’s the wood age and breathe.)
  • Comes with a used Ibanez gig bag.


This cost about $1300 all said and done.  Asking $850 +shipping/Paypal fees.

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2 Dimarzio PAF7 pickups:

  • previously in my 7-string PRS (as seen in the photo)
  • Clear, articulate, warm tone

A pair is $170 new.  Asking $100 +shipping/Paypal fees.

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Brand new, unused KRK VXT8 Studio Monitors:

  • Brand new, in the box (opened just to test them when they arrived. Boxes are a bit distressed from shipping – bought them online brand new from Chicago Music Exchange).
  • 8″ Woven Kevlar Woofer (powerful, tight bass response)
  • 1″ Silk Dome Tweeter (sweet, warm, highs)


Bought these as a 3rd pair of monitors for my studio but have decided to downsize to just my main pair (sold my NS10s as well). They’re brand new, perfect condition and sound amazing. Big, clear, real monitors to hear what’s truly happening in your mixes.


These are sold out at CME but are brand new at Sweetwater for $1000 (https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/VXT8). Looking to move quickly (need the space) so save yourself $300.  Asking $700 + shipping/paypal fees.

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Like new, computer-matched pair of AKG 414XLII:

  • These mics are studio staples for their amazing ability to realistically capture whatever you point them at.
  • Computer-matched pair for even truer capturing
  • This pair was used to record my acoustic record: “A Collection Of Short Stories: Vol. 1”
  • Basically mint.  Extremely well taken care of.  No visible signs of use (except a bit on the outside of the case

At Sweetwater, these are $2350.  Asking $1600 + shipping/Paypal fees

Click the photos for larger version

Presonus Firestudio Mobile:

  • 2-channel recording interface (2 mic-pres with combo-jacks = plug in a guitar or microphone)
  • Separate headphone and main monitor outputs (to go to your speakers as well)
  • 6 line inputs on back to plug in keyboards and other line-level devices
  • Connects via firewire but I’ve included a Thunderbolt adapter
  • Learn more from Presonus

New price is $250.  Asking $125 + shipping/Paypal fees

Click the photos for larger version

Radial JDX Guitar Amp Direct Box:

  • Used on the ’12-’14 Vai tours
  • Plug this box between your amp and cabinet to capture a direct signal for recording in the studio or for a bleed-less live sound (NOT a load box, you must use it with a speaker cab!)
  • 48-volt phantom-powered guitar amplifier direct box with reactive load
  • Low frequency extension for extra bass
  • Supports amplifiers up to 300-watts
  • Eliminates feedback issues on stage
  • Speaker cabinet emulation for natural tone
  • Direct feed to console eliminates need for a mic
  • Consistent sound ideal for recording and live performance
  • 15-volt DC power supply included
  • Learn more from Sweetwater

New price is $199.  Asking $100 + shipping/Paypal fees

Click the photos for larger version

Matrix GT1000FX-1U Stereo Power:

  • Built specifically for guitarists’ use with Modelers (Kemper / AxeFX) to power them and run into your favorite guitar cabs
  • Tons of clean power
  • Responds like a tube amp’s power section
  • This one has maybe 10 minutes of use.. seriously.  But, it got tossed around a bit so there are some cosmetic blemishes.
  • Learn more from Matrix’s own website

New price is $749.  Asking $549 (about $100 under the ebay average) + shipping/Paypal fees

Apogee PSX-100SE

Let’s start by saying and understanding this:  converters are the most important part of your recording chain.  What goes in and what you hear coming out is done through converters.  So getting the “most detailed, defined, widest, tallest and deepest” conversion possible is the goal.  That happens through high-quality units like this SE.


This PSX-100SE unit was my main converter for over a decade.  I upgraded recently only because I now track and mix with a lot more than 2 channels.  But, many mixing and mastering engineers hang on to these SE models to run the 2-track/2-bus/mix/etc) though because the converters are so good.


The SE has an upgraded (lots of hand picked components) analog board with higher quality bi-FET opamps. It’s also got a filter on the power supply to clear up the AC. The D/A section also has a new third-order Bessel filter.  Overall, you will notice more headroom in your mixes with much better imaging & sharpness and a more defined and tighter low end.


This unit is in good shape, a few scuffs here and there, but overall very clean and more importantly, works perfectly.  For full details on all the features and i/o, click here.


Price:  $550.00 (includes shipping and Paypal fee)

Hosa 12-point XLR Patchbays

1 Male, 1 female, perfect for patching up your small studio’s outboard gear.  The balanced, xlr to xlr connection keeps tonal,signal integrity.

Price:  $99/each in stores.  Asking $149.00 for both (includes Paypal fee and shipping)